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Indoor Swings - Relaxation and Style

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Benefits found with indoor swings: There are many benefits of indoor swings to find: we can keep the swinging activities going year-round and in any weather; we can have kids of even younger ages get involved (though maybe not alone); the swings can make great spots for napping; and they are more free from insects or pests than an outdoor swing.

Just like with an outdoor swing, if you want to cool down, relaxing on a woven seat or hammock really allows heat to escape more than just about any other type of chair. And another great advantage of an indoor swing is that many more homes and apartments can consider having one.

It's a toy that helps the kids use a little energy, improve their balance and motion perception, and have some fun. Swinging develops the sense of balance and body perception. It also brings a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

On placement of swings:
More hazards may exist with indoor swings: fragile furniture or objects nearby, hard walls and doors risk injury when kids bump into them. We may possibly get a less than sturdy rope attachment when we try to avoid damaging the wall or ceiling, which risks pulling it out and the rider and swing falling to the floor. Be very cautious not to exceed the limitations of your product.

From bedroom doorways to living room lounges to basement play areas, swings are being found in interesting places and adding style and spirit to modern homes. Some folks can put a swing in the basement. It's even possible to have a trapeze with lots of padding in a basement or some large play room. Where you have higher ceilings, you have more swing potential. (But use caution as there is added risk with longer swinging arcs).

Precautions when assembling your indoor swing: you might want to strengthen the ceiling or wall structure where you're going to attach the rope - it certainly wasn't designed to carry that kind of a load; and you might want to put some padding on nearby walls and doors to keep them a little clean and keep people a little less banged up when there's any bumping.

Types available for your indoor spaces include the swing chair, hanging chair, love swing, toy swing, and hammock. Indoor swings can consider even more styles and materials than outdoor, including cedar, oak, iron, steel, carbon fiber, and wicker.

Some characteristics we can find with Indoor swings include models that can be set up and taken down quickly. This way they don't occupy that space in your home when they're not in use. Soft materials is another typical feature, and styles that match better with interior decor. Take a look at this colorful option, a bright, fancy one-seater to enliven any room.

Refer to the other pages on this site as many of the lessons of outdoor swings apply to these as well.

Features of Indoor Swings

  • Free-standing, ceiling-mounted, or doorway-mounted
  • Creative ideas as toys and in play rooms
  • Year-round use
  • More padding on the walls might be smart
  • Softer, more stylish materials
Thais Relaxer

Free Standing Indoor / Outdoor Swing Chair
Get that easy feeling relaxing on the recliner-style porch swing in wicker. Some examples have foot support which is recommended for longer periods of relaxing outdoors. The gentle contours of this hanging chair set will enhance any outdoor living design. Weight capacity is given as 250 (pounds). Materials consist of epoxy-coated aluminum frames w/ resin wicker hardware, cushions, and one comfy pillow. Easy to maintain, the gorgeous-looking synthetic weave furniture focuses on appealing modern shapes without neglecting comfort. Here's a similar choice in wicker: Wicker Hanging Loveseat Swing

Big Swing platform with webbing

Platform swing for 2 kids
This fun platform, called "Monster" is sized 42" x 33" at the base, plenty big enough for two little ones, sometimes even 3. (use caution not to overload it or your overhead mount apparatus). It features an oval base of sturdy steel tubing wrapped in extra padding and durable braided plastic rope. Featuring a 250 pound weight limit, this swing is perfect for adults too.
Fun in the Tree Swing

Kids' Toy Tree House
This real swing toy makes a perfect hangout for kids who love hanging out with nature. A tree house you can put right in your own home! It includes three windows and the fabric door. Size is listed as 48"H x 44"W. An optional Crescent Stand in sturdy powder-coated steel makes a good complement to this toy or other single-rope mounted swing chairs.
Recliner with pillow and drink holder

Relax with Feet up and a Cold One
A great model in hardwood oak, holding up to 250 pounds. Uses extra nylon for sturdy construction, built to last for years. Indoor or outdoor usage, with the nice lazy foot rest built right in. Also has a neck pillow and beverage holder. Suspend yourself blissfully, drink and all. See also the similarly relaxing Red Sky model.
Reclining Indoors on smooth rocking platform

Indoor Swing - Sturdy Style
This great design features Marathon brand bearing-driven ceiling mount hooks. Use 2 hooks for almost infinite swinging in one direction - the bearing design reduces friction. Absolutely silent, smooth and free of maintenance, this design filters out lateral movement. Weight Limit noted as: 275 lbs / 125 kg. The mount hooks themselves were developed for multi-child swings, and are also perfect for swing chairs, hammocks, pulleys, rope ladders, gymnastic equipment, punching bags and many more household functions.
Doorway at home is a swing way

Door Jamb Setup
This doorway swing model does not require screws or nails - mount it with a tensioned bar at the top of the door jamb. This Net Swing is a good solution to calming a restless child. It is a great therapy tool that stretches to fit almost any child or adult. It can be used in a prone position like a hammock or a sitting position enveloping a child's whole body. There's a certain stimulation that calms children.





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