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Porch Swings - Relaxation and Style

The rope swings for your porch are designed for relaxing with a gentle rocking motion. Also great for naps, reading a book, and for watching the great outdoors from the comfort of your home. With a rope swing on your porch, you can literally just "hang out". It can also become the most romantic place in your home.

Types available for your porch include the swing chair, hanging chair, hanging swing, rope swing, rope chair, and hammock. Porch swings are available in many styles and materials including cedar, teak, wrought-iron and all-weather resin wicker. Pawleys Island is a famous style of porch rope swing, after its origin in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

Sizes and styles spanning a variety: single-person, two-person, 3-person. headrest, foot-on-floor, foot dangling. Headrest/ footrest and pillow accompaniment, style and coloration can be considered. Colors such as camouflage beige, forest green, natural beige, or burgundy color are typical. Curved wood designs can bring elegance and charm to an outdoor setting.

About hammocks: Hand-woven hammocks with quality nylon braid are best. Hardwood spreaders of oak or maple with rot, mildew, and UV stain treatment are also important to their use and longevity. They can be used in large or small spaces, in favorite spots including in the garden, at the cottage, on the porch and even indoors. A continuous three-ply weave is recognized as providing the most comfort.

Care and maintenance tips: remove a swing in the colder months, and it will last you longer. All you need to hang your porch swing is a solid, strong support in your favorite spot on your porch, patio or deck. Be sure to test the location and mounting for your swing thoroughly. If you don't have a safe place to hang your porch swing, have a look at the many styles of free-standing swings available to place on a deck or lawn. Use caution when considering maximum supported weight, especially as the swing gets older.

Features of Porch Swings

  • Quality varnish on the wood
  • Rust-proofing on the metal (galvanizing, zinc chromate are examples)
  • Fade and mildew-resistant rope
  • Headrest and/or footrest
  • Zippered cushions for easy wash
  • Weather-resistant fabrics

Shop Now

The following items are available from our affiliates now:
Double Reclining Swing

Porch Swing Recliners
Get that easy feeling relaxing on the recliner-style porch swing. Some examples have foot support which is recommended for longer periods of relaxing outdoors. For a nice choice in wicker, take a look at our Wicker Hanging Loveseat Patio Swing

Teak Porch Rope Swing

Double or Triple Porch Swings
The best for more than one person, a wide bench-style swing is sturdy but still provides the rocking motion famous in these swings. The sturdy wood construction needs to be treated with wood finish to last longer. And these types of swings are the best for putting down a hot plate of cookies or other on-location snacking. Here's one available from Amazon, 50 inches wide, in antique style and made with durable materials: All - weather Double Porch Swing.

Snoozing in the porch swing

Porch Swing Napping
If the weather is good, it's easy to curl up out here on one of these and take a snooze. Small snooze hammocks and love swings work great indoors too. A finer weave on the hammock is recommended for comfort.
Recliner with pillow and drink holder

Relax with Feet up and a Cold One
This deluxe air chair swing comes with a neck pillow, foot rest and beverage holder. Suspend yourself blissfully, drink and all, with this Red Sky model.
Great way to Relax on the Porch

When you're ready to Relax...
Take a look at our recommendation here: Hatteras Single Porch Swing. It's soft cotton, but thick enough to provide good support. The materials are specially treated for more longevity outside. The chair weave is specially shaped to just cradle you right as you sit. Some folks prefer feet up, but others find that it's easier to relax longer with feet just reaching to the deck.
Corner Pillows on Rope Swing

Style of A Porch Swing
You can choose the color and materials for your swing to match the surroundings as well as your leisure goals. Pillow size and color, hammock colors, and even wood colors can all be adjusted.





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